Posted by: medicinemondiale | 21 September, 2010

“Rebel with a Cause” Update

We are absolutely delighted that ‘Rebel with a Cause’ sold out the first print run in record time, and is still sitting at number 3 on the the NZ Non-Fiction Bestsellers List!  This is fantastic and everyone involved in the book is incredibly proud.  Thank you to you all for your interest in the book and the support you have given.  Do spread the word as all profits raised from the book go directly to Medicine Mondiale and the valuable work we are doing.



  1. It’s a wonderful book, moving and insightful as well as an entertaining read, and I have given it a BIG plug on my Facebook page. I encourage others to do the same!

  2. Congrats – have just finished the book and it is extremely inspiring – and unlike the plethora of self help and ‘rich monkey poor monkey’ business books, is grounded on something real and solid. Hopefully the large number of sales will equate to a swell of Kiwis working towards a better NZ and world


  3. My uncle, Neil Human, gave this book to me for my birthday. To say it is inspirational would be an understatement.

    I am studying towards becoming a doctor for the very reason that is underpinned by Mr. Avery’s work; to help people. One day I aspire to be as successful in not only treating diseases, but preventing them aswell.

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