About Ray

Ray Avery (Mr. Ray) was born in England and dragged himself up by his bootstraps, from a childhood in orphanages and foster homes and living on the streets of London to become a Scientist, businessman and self made millionaire.

Ray say’s “I was lucky to have had such a challenging start to life.It made me fearless and fostered a social responsibility that is given to very few.”

 Mr Ray with friends

During the mid nineties Ray spent most of his time working in Eritrea and Nepal setting up two world class Intraocular lens laboratories.At that time the cost of an Intraocular lenses was about US$300 but Ray managed to put the technology together to produce lenses for under US$10.00  making modern Cataract surgery accessible to the poor throughout Africa and Asia.Today these laboratories produce over 10% of the worlds supply of Intraocular lenses. 

Living and working in the developing world Ray saw the need for sustainable Global Interventions to address the outfalls of poverty.

“I set up Medicine Mondiale as a call to action and encouraged fellow Scientists, Engineers, Philanthropists, Lawyers, Patent Attorney’s well pretty well anyone actually to get on board and use our collective skills to try to knock off some of the really big problems confronting the poor in developing countries”

From his garage in Mt Eden Auckland Ray manages a global network of experts to work on specific projects and somehow everyone finds themselves donating their time and knowledge for free – and they are rewarded by making a difference.

Science and Technology has neglected the needs of the worlds underprivileged majority and Ray and the team at Medicine Mondiale are committed  to turn this around.Anyone who has met Ray knows that his practical can do approach and his ability to get world class experts to back him makes anything possible.

ray.jpg  To learn more about Medicine Mondiale    www.medicinemondiale.org


  1. Your an inspiration to many kiwis! Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Your the man and a great example of the power of what one person could do

  3. I support your work from my heart.
    Well done Ray!

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  6. After reading your book I felt a warm glow in my heart. Your struggles in life you overcame to be what you are now must give you a great feeling of satisfaction. I enjoyed your book and will be telling people to buy and enjoy it as I did, keep up the good work, cheers Tony.

    • I have just finished the last page of the book and am sad it ended! I found the book in a cafe as part of the Literacy Aotearoa scheme- so will pass it on to someone else now! What an amazing story

  7. I have just read, and thoroughly enjoyed, your book. What a remarkable story! I have recommended it to so many of my friends and it is now making its way around them all. Margaret

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